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some updates....
Hey tape-lovers, yes there happed something since we released the 25 massacre tape...
During the last 3 months we could not believe the how many people are interested in tapes we released in the past. Really, really thank you for that! Because of that, the most of the releases are set to "sold out". If you are interested in a tape that is not listed, please check the link section for getting in touch with some other distros. Good luck we hope that you find what you are searching for.
Another thing that happed is, that there is no distro section anymore. The reason for that is, that we dont have the time for making the nessecery updates. Without that, it dont makes any sense having a not-up-to-date online distro. (sorry for the guys and girls that were interested in ordering some stuff and getting frustrated because auf our reply: "Sorry, the item is not in stock... the list is not updated...) But you will have the chance to get some items on live shows (no more online distro, in the future we are running a real-live-distro). Also sorry for beeing slow with awnsering your mails and sending out packages tooo slow.
Releases: In january we re-released the RH 2007 split. The next release will be the BLOOD ON A WEDDINGSDRESS / RAISED HIDE split, including 6 songs, three from each band, also the CALL ME BETTY "Yoka" cassette is out but there are only a few left.

stay tuned and much love
Tom and Rich


25 DOLLAR MASSACRE - yehonala is back again!
After a loooooong off-time we are back again. It took a bit longer than we thought but this time was simply necessary for us. We used this time to re-think our situation, why and for what we are running this label. We came to the conclusion that we cant live without yehonala, even when the past was too stressy for us, a past that took all of our energy. But in the first instance yehonala should not be a stressy job for us. Yehonala is about passion, DIY, and giving something back. About the great bands we released and finally for the people out there that are addicted to the music thing like we are. For us this means: We cant release that much stuff within a short period of time, otherwise the fucked up stressy-job-feeling is back again. We are just two guys that have only a 24h day...

We wrote about that on our myspace some months ago and we are glad everyone understood and gave us a warm feedback on our decision that realy made it easier for us to take the time we needed. So like rich mentioned things has changed a bit. we both now work fulltime, play in bands and need to party haha. So we decided to keep it simple. Not 10 releases a month anymore, not 200 copies of each tape, not only tapes anymore & hopefully no more stress and more fun for everyone. So during the last months we were not lazy at all. Rich invested hours and hours into a new homepage which will be the MAINpage when it comes to release infos and contact stuff. We just keep myspace to spam the fuck out of you and to satisfy our second life needs haha. So no myspace friendship nonsense anymore just real stuff and a new tapes……

I think this is the tape we planned the longest. Nearly one and a half yearthis is planned and never got out of our tape decks. But finally its out and rich and me are more than happy to announce the discography of these us techgrind pimps. Welcome 25 dollar massacre on board. We are really proud of this because it came out great. 50 copies made. 25 (!) with different coloured papers and handnumbred covers as well as 25 normal black and white copies with the awesome artwork by Konsti (kuss alta). If you don’t know the band that its time for you to check them out if you are into spazzy neo-grind. 25 play the kind of hc/grind/metalcore I fell in love with years ago when the whole debello grind thing started for me in the us. Think of bands as destroyer destroyer, see you next Tuesday, pope Benedict, triumph of gnomes or me and him call it us and you will have a small clue of what is coming your way. 25 sounds unique as most of these bands sounded in the beginning. They combine these awesome halftimes you know from bands such as as the sun sets will less metal in it. The spazz factor of daughters and other chaos bands and unique energy and drive for what I love their music. Its more than worth checking out even if you are not into 1+3+7 stuff haha and to be honest they are not that chaotic ok. Trades are still welcome but please make sure that we only trade for tapes. Please no artworks and master tape bullshit cause we invested hours into doing these diamonds. Wholesale is also MORE than welcome because we got big plans on upcoming releases.
Much love to ya all.